Voodoo Goggles

from by Trotfox



you hear them before you see them/
displayed in the queue/
leant on steel bar barriers/
that are feeding them through/
to the door/ where the bouncer barks/
with eyes like pistols/
the people push past in chants/
squawks and wolf whistles/
to buy drinks at the watering hole/
which they down in jungle fever/
there's a petting zoo for heavy petting/
in front of the speaker/
next to the vanity fair mares/
taking selfies on their cameras/
equine queens/
in diamond bridled glamour/
see the vulture guys to the side/
spying, with sly eyes/
flicking to chicken breast/
ruffling feathers on hen nights/
there's a shoal of salmon in the
same clothes/ mumbling yolo/
they don't know that only dead fish/
go with the flow/
there's even a gaggle of geese/
gurning turning their beaks/
snakes on cocaine/ little rats on speed/
and in the corner/
a swan doused in fake tan/
what a wicked waste of wingspan/

to the trees our trips topple the zoo/
to the trees our trips topple the zoo/
to the trees our trips topple the zoo/

shh, listen/
a mating call from out the jungle/
it's the song of a king kong and he's just
looking for trouble/ stumbles
past hipster peacocks/ in
flatcaps and reeboks/
he goes to grope the swan/
he stumbles/ they tumble/
and king kong gets cuffed/
arms locked behind his back/
screaming 'officer, i just wanted
a piece of that pussy cat'/
while police pigs and dogs
hold him down frantically/
it's a grizzly tragedy/
it's disney on LSD/
it's a twisted fantasy
of a pissed menagerie
it's a travesty/ insanity/ anarchy/
humanity/ cos
no matter how many
anthropomorphic words/
i apply to what i'm seeing/
still a tribe of human beings
being human/
not the best creatures/
hopefully not the worst/
but without the strangest beasts
out of the earth's whole herd/



from Beginners Guide To Voodoo, released February 5, 2015
All music and words written and performed by Josh Levontine, except drum programming made in collaboration with the venerable Craig Larkin.



all rights reserved


Trotfox Exeter, UK

A Trotfox is a rare species of manimal, prone to singing impossible folk tales and drinking improbable cocktails.

The Trotfox's mating call has been reported to share sonic qualities with the impassioned self-righteous steeze of the hip hop emcee, the undulating vocal turbulence of the tipsy gypsy, and the the undeniable stomp of a rowdy pink elephant parade.
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