The Beginning Is Nigh

from by Trotfox



let the storm commence/ start the descent/
venom from the creator/ mother nature takes her revenge/
I don't trust her man/ something in the air's intense/
say a prayer for despair and prepare to be cleansed/
steel bars on parks can't stop what's contained within/
trees start to march/ escaping when they break the fence/
CONCRETE JUNGLE/ vegetation takes it's place again/
whomping willows wielding wood as weapons/ when
monkeys get ape shit/ shit gets dangerous/
spiders weave sacred webs across the sky to lay their eggs/
there's bats in the parish halls/ rats in filtration vents/
birds dive and prise eyes from the laying dead/
ITS THE DECIVILISE CIRCUS/ here's the main event/
mankind getting rammed aside by trained elephants/
a civil world war III that fickle fate intends/
animals gone radical evicting human aliens/

a moment in time you'll see/ is all your reign will ever be/
surrender to our revelry/ this is your penalty/ I'm wild and I'm free/

so what now for the homo-sapiens?
they gathered in gangs/ the city split in severance/
hear the reverends/ smearing wasted breath/ screaming
this is heaven sent! even as their faith has left/
food is scarce/ and there's a violence that starvation lends/
skirmishes in superstores til every isle is painted red/
so when they lay their heads/ hope to see day again/
they feel unsafe in bed/ battle battered craniums/
so on the frail web/ humanity's a fraying thread/
before long the only beggars left are veterans/ they
flee to forests/ wait for the hate to end/
crawl into cave crevices/ make forsaken dens/
cos there's no paying rent/ when they stay in tents/
sadly in the anarchy their sanity's the main expense/
so can we make it then? too late to make amends/
when all that's left is tribes of cavemen not making sense.


from Beginners Guide To Voodoo, released February 5, 2015
All words and music written and performed by Josh Levontine, except vocals written and performed by Maz Totterdell.



all rights reserved


Trotfox Exeter, UK

A Trotfox is a rare species of manimal, prone to singing impossible folk tales and drinking improbable cocktails.

The Trotfox's mating call has been reported to share sonic qualities with the impassioned self-righteous steeze of the hip hop emcee, the undulating vocal turbulence of the tipsy gypsy, and the the undeniable stomp of a rowdy pink elephant parade.
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