Nomadic Rhapsody

from by Trotfox



ach/ i've never looked so glad/
fucked up at the party where the nomads go bad/
grinning like their filling up with prozac/ we know that/
we don't need a programme/ we go with the flow man/
feel that bass? (so fat)/ wobbling/
fidgeting and ginerly jiggling your gonads/
go dance! the music's relentless/
stellar/ momentous/ splendid/ tremendous/
endless synonyms for the stupendous/
lifting your smiles like facial suspendors/ we
learned this urge from the birds and the bees/
it's an earthy burst of the surge of the free/
so put your souls on the soles of your feet/
plod like a squad of gods stomping/ holding the beat/
vagrants we've roamed/ it's time to come home/

ederlezi/ stagger down the drop/
animals wild gods/ rise and tumble with the moon/

calling all nomads/ in the party mood/
let us gather and dine on some hearty food/
tonights main course is some nasty tunes/
our wine list the finest larger dude/
just ignore the doorman he's a ripping prude/
saying/ mate you look like you've been sniffing glue/ well
i guess the mushrooms have my head unscrewed/
but let me describe my trip to you/ it's my
favourite fantasy of manic beats and anarchy/
profanity and frantic feet/ it's, straight up philanthropy/
fiddling with the galaxy's realities ecstatically/
scribbling on the faculty of gravity to gyrate/
explore humanity's majesty organically/
weave a tapestry of family with five mates/
ignore rationality/ explore your insanity/
or score a bag of E and swing around like a primate/ mate/

help/ i'm stumbling, tumbling down/
got my eyes to the sky and my ears to the ground/
you know i'm a slave to the sound/ and the
beats to which i'm bound/
i'm hysterical/ illegible/ think i'm unrepairable/
quite like a mic i'm omnidirectional/
it's chemical/ come on over to the spectacle/
soon you'll be obsessional/
'please could all passengers keep arms and legs
dangerously swinging from side to side'/
roll up for the ride/
of your life/
i think that it's that time/
for dancing/ enchanting the night in wine/
it's fine/ we'll just keep spilling time/
cos you know this beat's sublime/


from Beginners Guide To Voodoo, released February 5, 2015
All words and music written and performed by Josh Levontine, except verse vocals written and performed by Maz Totterdell, chorus vocals performed by Maz Totterdell.



all rights reserved


Trotfox Exeter, UK

A Trotfox is a rare species of manimal, prone to singing impossible folk tales and drinking improbable cocktails.

The Trotfox's mating call has been reported to share sonic qualities with the impassioned self-righteous steeze of the hip hop emcee, the undulating vocal turbulence of the tipsy gypsy, and the the undeniable stomp of a rowdy pink elephant parade.
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